How we got here

Preparation of the Plan has been overseen by a Working Group comprising:

  • Marc Pinnell (Parish Councillor and Chair of Working Group),
  • Robert T. Besford (Bob),
  • Jerry Fox,
  • Paul Isaacs (Parish Councillor),
  • Richard Mason (Patching Village Society), and
  • Richard Prior (Friends of Clapham and Patching Churches).
  • Robb Metcalfe (Parish Councillor) served on the group until January 2016.

They were assisted by an independent planning consultant, Lindsay Frost, from October 2015 onwards. This professional assistance was funded by grants from Locality and Groundwork UK, which are gratefully acknowledged. JBA Consulting provided additional support in the preparation and publication of the plan pro bono.

A 'pre-submission' draft of the Plan was prepared, and views from parishioners, other stakeholders and statutory consultees were sought between 1 August and 26 September 2016.   All comments received were discussed by the Parish Council at the meeting on 23rd February, and decisions made about the necessary changes. 

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