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The Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Latest Update



Last week I had the pleasure of presenting a new vehicle to Sussex 4x4 Response. I am delighted to support this group of over 90 local volunteers who freely give their time, expertise and enthusiasm to support the emergency services and local authorities, particularly in adverse weather conditions.

The Command & Control vehicle will act as a control hub with computers and screens available to dispatchers. It will also provide storage and welfare facilities for responders during a callout and has an 'in board' generator which will allow the vehicle to operate anywhere. I am glad to have jointly funded this vehicle with Sussex Police so we can help Sussex 4x4 Response’s ongoing work, which feels more important than ever given the extreme weather we have experienced recently.

This week my office has been recognising Restorative Justice (RJ) Week - a time to raise awareness about the potential of RJ and make sure it’s available and accessible for victims of crime.

Restorative Justice is a powerful and completely voluntary process. It allows for those who have been harmed by crime to meet or communicate with their offender(s). It is an important process for both parties, allowing the victim to have a voice whilst providing offenders with the opportunity to take responsibility and make amends.

The Sussex Restorative Justice Partnership brings together 30 agencies and authorities with an interest in RJ. The group, which is led and funded by my office, includes a diverse range of people including: practitioners; criminal justice agencies; community representatives and the voluntary and charity sector.

Earlier this month, the partnership held a conference to recognise their work, discuss best practice and hear first-hand from victims about the difference RJ can make. You can read more about this on my website.



Tackling Violence Against Women and Girls



This week I attended Sussex Police’s Violence Against Women & Girls Partners Roundtable event to discuss how Sussex Police can continue to work to tackle these crimes both within the Force and externally.

It is reassuring to know that Sussex Police is led by a Chief Constable who will not tolerate the locker room banter and toxic culture that we have seen displayed in some other forces.

It is equally encouraging that police officers and staff feel confident to report colleagues for inappropriate behaviour which is then dealt with robustly by the professional standards department. 

The day was insightful and consisted of several workshops, each highlighting lessons and actions for partners to take forward to ensure that Sussex continues to confront this issue head on.

Today (25th) also marks White Ribbon Day which I continue to support. Many years ago, I worked closely with Sussex Police as they became one of the first forces in the country to receive the accredited White Ribbon status. It is more important than ever that we raise awareness of misogynistic behaviours and continue to challenge that behaviour wherever we find it.

It is fitting that White Ribbon Day falls during the FIFA Men’s World Cup. We can all come together as a team to tackle violence against women and girls and I urge as many partners as possible to make the White Ribbon Promise their goal.



Katy Bourne  OBE


Sussex Police & Crime Commissioner