Annula General Meeting

Thursday 14th MAY 2020 at 19:30 hours

Due to the continuing situation with Coronavirus the meetings will be held using ‘Zoom’ videoconferencing. Parishioners are invited to join the Council using Zoom.

Zoom time limits mean we may need to leave the meeting after about half an hour and to log back in. We will use the same password for both sessions.

Like many, we are inexperienced with this type of meeting and would value your cooperation in maintaining order - if you wish to speak please raise your hand (electronically! – see instructions..), wait to be invited by the Chairman, and keep it brief – thank you.

If you have any points or questions that you would like to raise with the Council, please email them in advance to the Clerk:

Please join us!

email the Clerk to receive the password and code to join the meeting, as well as some helpful hints and tips at

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Please be aware that this meeting will be recorded

Date Agenda Minutes
4th May 2021 Patching Parish Council Agenda - 04 May 2021 [pdf] 2005Kb
17 - Bank Reconcilliation EOY 2021 [pdf] 64Kb
6 - Chairman's Report MAY21 [pdf] 119Kb
17 - Cash Book April 2021 [pdf] 62Kb
17 - Cash Book 2020-2021 [pdf] 70Kb
Draft Minutes - Annual Meeting - 04 May 2021 [pdf] 301Kb